STEAM – Transcultural Science Communication Summer School

STEAM is a 10-day intensive summer school in science communication. Our ambition is to create communities of European practitioners capable of effectively exchanging knowledge between the research community and various public groups. The STEAM team includes journalists, scholars, and performers from Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Malta, and United Kingdom. We offer a unique opportunity to experience and share best-practices and experiences from all over Europe. The STEAM network of ambassadors will be encouraged to spread newly-learnt experiences with others back in their own countries.

Expect a unifying experience combining science communication theory, techniques, and practices using very creative and innovative approaches. Participants will be expected to try their own skills at event management, performance, writing, social media, governance, and evaluation. All activities will be guided by our group of experts who will give some professional advice to help participants gain the skills they need.

For more details see the programme or purchase a ticket for this year’s STEAM summer school.


STEAM Transcultural Science Communication Summer School won ERASMUS+ funding under Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships for higher education | Grant Number: 2015-1-MT01-KA203-003735