Dialogue & Deliberation

Focus Speakers Historical development Stakeholder theory Participation theory Dialogue and participating in the dialogue process Identifying stakeholders Heather Rea Alexander Gerber Elizabeth Stevenson   Introduction Context, dialogue and deliberation aims to deliver a background to public engagement with research in the European Union and the process of dialogue and deliberation methodologies. The history and current situation […]


Present & Moderate

Focus Speakers PREZI and dramaturgy Presentation and moderation Presentations and public speaking Edward Duca Heather Rea Alexander Gerber Elizabeth Stevenson   Introduction The amount of STEM graduates around Europe has remained level for a decade while jobs have increased. In addition STEM graduates can lack communication and team working skills. A key need is the […]


Online & Social

Focus Speakers Online self-marketing Apps Online strategy Video blogging Social media Blogging Talking and analysing Alexander Gerber Edward Duca Heather Rea Elizabeth Stevenson Introduction Considering the disruptive structural changes in the media landscape and the information behaviour of both laypeople and professionals, online and social addresses the most relevant drivers for this change. The ability […]


Manage & Monitor

Focus Speakers Evaluation and research methods Festival/event management Stakeholder analysis Science dialogue and debates Working with schools Managing school events Informal science education Elizabeth Stevenson Theoni Charalampidou Edward Duca Heather Rea Menelaos Sotiriou Silvia Verdolini Introduction Manage and monitor session gives participants the opportunity to explore ways of delivering a scientific presentation to different audiences in formal and […]


Create & Act

Focus Speakers Scientist/artist relationships Science and art events Hands on festival activites Comedy as engagement Science theatre Menelaos Sotiriou Theoni Charalampidou Heather Rea Elizabeth Stevenson Introduction In a rich context where literature, philosophy, culture or society are involved, science benefits from art, and vice versa. Create and Act is about using art to communicate science more […]

Media&Journalism 1

Media & Journalism

Focus Speakers Data driven journalism and storytelling Entrepreneurial journalism Writing and editing skills Magazine production Media relations and mechanisms Analysing media environment Video production Satu Lipponen Edward Duca Alexander Gerber Bernd Müller Menelaos Sotiriou Theory We will give a general overview of Europe’s current media landscape. We will analyse news cultures within European countries in […]


Advocate & Influence

Introduction & Theory Lobbying and advocacy has a great role to play, not only as a vital part of science communication, but also to champion scientific research across the board and ease access of researchers to equipment and funding by justifying the scientific cause. Advocacy works by making data and research accessible to the public, […]