In the past our summer school has been hosted in Germany and Greece, but this year it's coming to Malta! Malta is a small island nation in the Mediterranean, known for it's love of great cuisine, fireworks and large festivals! It's the smallest EU member state with a population of approximately 450,000 and yet can see over 2 million tourists each year. The official languages of Malta are Maltese and English, while English is commonly spoken by most Maltese. The island benefits from around 300 days of sunshine a year and will see an average temperature of 27°C in the month of July when our school will be held. The capital of Malta, Valletta, also happens to be the European Capital of Culture 2018, making this a great opportunity to visit! You can find out more about the events going on in Valletta at the following website:

Main School Venue - University of Malta

The majority of our modules will be delivered at the main campus of University of Malta in Msida. The university is the highest institute of learning in the country and caters to approximately 11,500 students a year including 750 international students from 82 countries. In between lectures you will be able to grab lunch from our canteen or a number of restaurants just outside the campus. We recommend eating in the quadrangle where you can catch some sun.

Science Theatre Venue - M Space

M Space, run by Masquerade Malta, is a hub for the performing arts, comprising of a number of studios and a theatre known as the Blue Box. STEAM Summer School has reserved one of their studios for our Create & Act session, as well as the Blue Box itself for our Science Theatre and STEAMLab performance night! You will have a couple of nights in the Blue Box to rehearse and we will be promoting our event to the locals leading up to July to ensure we have a decent audience and can host an exciting evening of science!

Bright Club Venue - Maori

Maori is a laid-back, trendy bar located on the Valletta coastline, just across from the HMS Maori shipwreck. The bar has an outdoor space with great views of the Mediterranean and this is where we will be hosting a film screening and Bright Club. While we relax and enjoy a few drinks, we will be entertained by some of the films participants have directed, as well as stand-up comedy performances from those signed up to Bright Club. The event will be catered with a food truck and it will only be a short hop on the ferry to return to Blubay Apartments at the end of the night.

Accommodation - Blubay Apartments

STEAM has partnered with the Blubay Apartments, Gzira to provide our participants with convenient accommodation. We have reserved two and three bedroom apartments just off Gzira coast, each of which has its own bathroom, kitchen, living and outdoor spaces to ensure you have everything you need. You might also choose to dine at Blubay's restaurant for a buffet breakfast or dinner. As the course is intensive and includes project work in the evenings we encourage you to use our accommodation to be close to your fellow participants. We will also arrange a coach to transport you between Blubay Apartments and our other venues. Find out more about our accommodation here.


Reserve With Us

Accommodation is included in our Institutional and International grants. For those attending through Mobility or paid registrants, our accommodation will cost €340 per person for the 11 nights (check in 1st July, check out 12th July). If you have purchased a ticket to STEAM Summer School and would like to use our accommodation, you will need to let us know and make the payment by 21st May. Thank you!